WiFi router with LTE modem on a ZTE MF920T SIM card

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Run on the network at 150 Mb / s

Router wifi z modemem LTE ZTE MF920T

Fast compact and reliable LTE router

ZTE  is a global producer and leading supplier of devices in modern telecommunications technology. ZTE introduced to the market  MF920T high speed LTE router . The router is based on the WiseFone 7520M chipset,  It has  powerful 200mAh battery,  which offers 9 hours of transmission. In standby the battery lasts 350 hours. And up to Wi-Fi b / g / n at the same time 8 users can be connected . The maximum speed that a router can achieve under appropriate conditions is up to  150 Mb / s.  From the browser level or a dedicated application, you can manage your router settings very conveniently.

Router LTE ZTE MF920T widok z boku

Anytime, anywhere internet access

ZTE MF920T  is a mobile router with ZTE processor enabling Internet access in LTE technology  category 4. Intuitive operation. Data downloaded at up to 150 Mb / s and sent at up to 50 Mb / s.  Wireless access point function  to the network.  Access to the network and other information is presented by means of four colored diodes, which are placed on the router's housing. The small size and light weight allow you to use the device wherever you want.

Zdjęcie real zestawu LTE ZTE MF920T

 Portable LTE router with Wi-Fi
 The first mobile LTE router with proprietary ZTE processor
 LTE Cat4 / HSPA + / HSUPA / HSDPA / WCDMA / EDGE / GSM technology

 Data transmission:

 LTE FDD (Category 4): 150Mbps / 50Mbps
 HSPA + (Category 14) 21Mbps / (Category 6) 5.76Mbps
 WCDMA CS 64kb / s / 64kb / s
 WCDMA PS 384kb / s / 384kb / s
 EDGE Multi-slot Class 12
 GPRS Multi-slot Class 10


 Dimensions 107.5 x 63.7 x 14.8 mm
 Weight 92.3 g (with battery)

Modem LTE ZTE MF920T widok z przodu i z tyłu

 LED display:
 Wi-Fi / WPS indicators
 SMS indicator
 Cellular network status

Router LTE ZTE MF920T z ładowarką , instrukcją PL i  pisemną gwarancją

 Platform / Operating System:
 Management from a web browser - WebUI, any system.

Router LTE ZTE MF920T widok gniazd

 WIFI 802.11 b / g / n protocol


 Changing the Wi-Fi network mode
 SMS and USSD support
 Phone book
 Wi-Fi signal strength
 Automatic shutdown
 Firewall (Port Filtering
 Port mapping, UPnP, DMZ), FOTA, DDNS
 Remembering PIN.
 Type: Replaceable 2000mAh
 Max. standby time: up to 350 hours
 Max. working time: up to 9 hours

ZTE MF920T LTE w oryginalnych opakowaniach producenta

 Brand new product in the original manufacturer's packaging. All photos above are photos of real product sold. Includes Polish instructions and a written manufacturer's warranty with Polish service.

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