N3 tool kit in a case. 95 items

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All tools in one place

Zestaw narzędzi N3 w walizce 95 elementów

Don't panic, don't call a foreman, do it yourself. With Stahlbar tools it's very easy

Very often, things break down in a car or home, but if you have one on hand Toolkit  it can be done without a specialist's visit. We can repair many things ourselves with the right tools. And it's best to buy it all at once  a set of keys , because not only that they will all be in one place, they will not dirty everything around, but nicely packed into an aesthetic suitcase, they will wait for the moment when they prove necessary. In such sets we usually have  basic tools such as: socket wrenches . płaskooczkowe .  pliers , screwdrivers, Allen keys or pliers.

Zestaw narzędzi Stahlbar

Perfect as a gift and for DIY, mechanics and anyone who likes to get their hands dirty

Tool set N3  Stahlbar is characterized by excellent quality. The tools are packed in a handy case  (26 cm x 42 cm x 8 cm) closed with latches. A set of 95 pieces of tools  necessary in every workshop.

Zestaw narzędzi N3 w walizce zdjęcie real

 Kit Contents:
 1 x knife
 1 x adjustable pliers for 8 "water pumps (French)
 2 x screwdriver
 1 x horizontal cutting pliers 6 "
 8 x spanner
 1 x socket wrench handle
 1 x spirit level
 40 x bit
 8 x wrench with hexagon socket
 1 x spark plug socket
 1 x adapter
 1 x extension
 1 x bit attachment
 1 x half-round nose pliers
 1 x 8 "adjustable wrench
 20 x 1/4 "cap DR
 6 x 3/8 "socket DR

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