John Gardner G82006 electric chainsaw


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And for professionals taming large trees and for amateurs cutting branches.

Piła elektryczna łańcuchowa John Gardener G82006

Easy operation, effective cutting

Electric saws they are much easier to use than combustion engines, you do not need to change candles, add fuel, take care of filters and use a shaker. Just insert the plug into the socket. Unfortunately, we are limited by the length of the cable. And you must be careful that the cord does not get under the chain.  chainsaw  it will be useful for spring and autumn  work in the garden  or  for cutting wood  for fuel. Chainsaws are safe devices, most of them are equipped with emergency brake  in the form of a shield placed above the handle. When the saw bounces off the material being processed and the back of the hand touches the blade, the saw immediately stops working. Which does not mean that you do not need to be careful while working and do not even use protective gloves or a helmet.

Piła łańcuchowa John Gardener G82006 w opakowaniu

High power, safety and efficiency are Geko saws

High engine power , safety brake and fence with a length of 40 cm. Make it electric saw John Gardner G82006 is an efficient, safe and reliable device. the chain is automatically lubricated, profiled with a perfectly placed center of gravity allows for a comfortable grip and makes working with this device comfortable. The saw has a brake  safety and oil level indicator.

Elektryczna piła łańcuchowa John Gardener G82006 zdjęcia szczegółowe

John Gardener G82006 Piła łańcuchowa z zasilaniem elektrycznym

 Cover for guides
 Service key


Cooling: air
Cut length:40 cm
Chain ​​type: 3/8 "1.3mm PICO
Engine power:2000W
Engine type:electric, brush
No load speed:7,000 rpm
Supply voltage:230V / 50 Hz
Speed:13 m / s
Tank capacity:for lubricating oil: 120 ml

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