Kitchen knives PM-ZNK-7-B white whetstone scissors

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Noże kuchenne PM-ZNK-7B białe

8 piece knife set

Such a trivial matter as kitchen knives.  Each of us has some knives at home and uses them every day. Better or worse. We cut bread with some meat and others are perfect for filleting fish. Some sharpen it at home, others give it for professional sharpening and others curse by cutting blunt. And it is the sharpness that is most important in the knife and it affects it the speed and comfort of our cutting . Let's try to cut even a tomato with a not very sharp knife, our sandwich will certainly not look aesthetically pleasing. Want

Zestaw białych nozy kochennych Powermat w opakowaniu

Invest in Powermat laser sharpened knives

This a set of beautiful sharp knives  complete with scissors and a sharpener. These knives are modern and durable , smooth blades  resistant to high and low temperatures. They do not require sharpening  for a long time. This is an extremely tasty treat for many a hostess or a brilliant chef. The whole set is placed in an elegant block. It's a safe, convenient and aesthetic way to store your knives.

Może kochenne białe Powermat z nozyczkami i ostrzałką

 Scraping knife
 Peeling knife
 Universal chopping knife
 Bread knife with cloves
 Scissors with a hole for crushing nuts (great unscrew resistant bottle caps)
 Elegant block for knives.

Stojak z nożami PM-ZNK-7B marki Powermat

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