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Using a blender, preparing cocktail juices or sauces is child's play

Elementy wyposażenia miksera kuchennego PM-BL-800

Mr. Blender. You will ask why the great man?

Because it can mix, mix and crumble a lot. With its help you can easily and quickly prepare healthy and delicious juices. There is nothing like freshly made banana or spinach smoothie. But the blender is not only juices or cocktails, it is also various pastes, dips, pesto and, finally, fruit desserts. If you are thinking of buying a cup blender, be sure to take a look at the Powermat shaker. This blender, e.g. ideal for preparing a take-out drink. Because the bottle in which you take it with you is the same container in which it was prepared. You save time and the environment. And if you want to make more shake and half you want to leave for later, use a cup that has a funnel and a tight seal

Shaker Powermat PM-BL-800 z owocami

Call the blender shaker as you like

Pojemnik dodatkowy do Powermat PM-BL-800

 In this rich set, the bottle caps have a convenient flip-off cap with a mouthpiece, and a silicone seal on the bottom, ensuring high tightness without having to apply much force when tightening. The universal blade made of stainless steel included in the set also has a silicone gasket. The connector transferring the drive from the engine to the blade is made of rubber, which significantly reduces the transmission of vibration to the cup or bottle. To prevent uncontrolled dances after the counter, Mr. Blender got three rubber feet that keep him perfectly in place.

Powermat PM-BL-800 Tabliczka znamionowa

 On the way to your home, the Blender PM-BL-800 has been generously equipped:
 1x - Bottle 400 ml 16.5 x 7.5 cm
 2x - Bottle 570 ml 23 x 7.5 cm
 1x - Chalice 1000 ml 33 x 13 cm

Opakowanie kartonowe blendera kielichowego marki Powermat


Dimension:130 x 130 x 330 mm
Maximum power:800 watts
Nominal power:300 watts
Power: 230 v - 50 Hz
Speed:rotational: 22,000 rpm
Weight:1.58 kg

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