Dedra DA-R010 dehumidifier. Moisture absorber


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Too high humidity  is a problem that spends many people's nights of sleep. None of us likes mold, fungi and bad smells

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Moisture eater - do you need this device?

The dehumidifier is useful in any interior. It is not only a weapon in the fight against already existing moisture, but also a battle on the front of drying laundry or cooking, during these activities the humidity in our apartments also increases. Too high humidity , that's a lot of potential hazards. Moist walls can cause increased heating costs, unpleasant smell, damp and bad-smelling clothes in the wardrobe, faster perishable food, greater risk of insect growth, and eventually they can cause fungi and mold. And as we all know, fungi and mold affect our health, cause allergies and are often the cause of asthma, especially in children.

Wymiary pochłaniacza wilgoci Dedra DA-R010

How does an air dryer work?

It is a device that condenses water vapor and discharges it as water vapor to a special tank. Some models offer two possibilities for water outflow: into the tank or through a pipe outside, and this is the possibility Dedra  in your dehumidifier DA-R010. The only thing we need to do while using this equipment is to clean the air filter and empty the water tank when it is full . The dryer absorbs 10l of water a day .

Pochłaniacz wilgoci Dedra DA-R010

 It is small and dries up to 20 m². Optimal for man air humidity is -40-60%  this equipment gives us the ability to automatically maintain the target humidity. It has an easy to remove and clean filter.

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Air humidity:Automatic maintenance of target air humidity
Operating mode:intensive drying mode, night mode quiet operation
Shutdown:Automatic shut off when tank full
Tank capacity: 1.8 L.

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