Workshop lamp SMD LED Dedra L1062-2


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Workshop lamps are an indispensable piece of equipment for both a repair shop, service center and private garage.

Lampa Warsztatowa SMD LED Dedra L1062-2

Why Choose LED Tripod Lamp?

It's practical energy-saving lamp facilitating work in darkened places, ideal replacement for popular fluorescent lamps, which are commonly used in workshops or home garages. Dedra has equipped the L1062 with convenient telescopic stand with the option of setting from 0.7 cm to 150 cm, which allows you to set the lamp in any position convenient for us. The headlights can be set at any angle. Importantly, the Led lamp does not emit radiation UV and IR. And thanks to efficient and modern sources SMD LED the lamp provides 4 times greater luminous flux with a power of 400 lm and allows to reduce power consumption by over 10 times.

Reflektory SMD LED na statywie Dedra L1062-2

Advantages of SMD LED lighting

There is no need to replace the fluorescent lamps, it is more resistant to mechanical damage, it has a color of light of 4000K, favorable for the eyes, economical and ecological. A simple and reliable mobile lighting solution.

DEDRA L1062-2 Workshop Lamp 20W x 2 SMD LED 1500L

Opakowanie lampy warsztatowej Dedra L1062-2


Angle of the radiation:100o
Color temperature: 6500K
Light sources:2x 28 SMD LEDs
Lamp durability: 30000h
Light beam: 2x 1500lm, 2x 1500lm
Leak class: IP65
Number of on / off cycles: 15000
Power: 230
Power: 2x 20W
Working temperature:+ 40 ° / -15o

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