Two-way radio CRT 2FP Dual Band scanner


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A radiotelephone is equipment intended for radio communication.

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What are the advantages of the CRT 2 FP radio?

Handheld radios (colloquially walkie-talkies) allow us to provide communication over a distance of several hundred meters to a kilometer in typical conditions. What are the advantages of this device? Communication via walkie-talkies will be appreciated by spending e.g. holidays with a group of friends abroad. Skiing in Italy, a trip by several cars on the French motorway, or a bicycle trip around Croatia are just a few situations where such communication is useful. The cost of roaming phone calls can add significantly to the cost of such a trip. We must also remember that mobile networks are prone to failure or we may be out of their range. The radiotelephone will then allow us to establish radio communication, whether with friends or, for example, with appropriate services

Radiotelefon Skaner CRT 2 FP w fabrycznym opakowaniu producenta

Dual Band Transceiver VHF-UHF - Work in the following frequencies: VHF 136-174MHz and UHF 400-470MHz (transmit and receive) and only receive 88-108MHz, 350-390MHz and 470-520MHz

Reliable Radio Connectivity

The radio is the best choice for free and effective communication of a larger group of people. On the phone, you will talk to only one person at a time, unless you set up a teleconference, which will not be very convenient, e.g. when driving a car. The CRT radio is an excellent model of the CRT company, which has launched a great product for a low price. Now, instead of using two separate radios, you can use one dual band. The device has batteries with a capacity from 1000 to 2000 mAh. As a result, the device can work for a minimum of 8 hours without charging.

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Description of the Dual Band Radio:

- Dual operation capability (VHF-VHF, VHF-UHF, UHF-UHF, UHF-VHF)
- Manual Squelch setup
- 50 CTCSS / 208 DCS Encoder / Decoder
- 9-step VOX (voice activation)
- Dual Watch
- Keyboard lock
- Memory scan
- Beep button
- TOT function - Transmission time limitation
- BCL - Busy Channel Lockout
- 1750 Hz Tone Burst
- Scrambler- (Anti-eavesdropping system)
- HP micro jack (Kenwood connection standard)

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Band:Wide / Narrow band W / N: 12.5kHz, 25kHz
Battery: Li-ion 2000 mAh
Channels:200, Channel step: 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5; 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100 Khz
Dimensions: 110 x 56 x 37 mm
Indicator: battery charge
Power:7.2 Volts DC
Power:3 transmit levels: VHF: 1 W / 2.5 W / 5 Watt UHF: 1 W / 2.5 W / 4 Watt

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