FM transmitter K416D USB, SD, Aux + steering wheel remote control

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Do you have an old radio where you can only listen to cassettes or CDs? Then this device is just for you

K416D Transmiter FM z dodatkowym pilotem na kierownicę

K416D FM radio transmitter

 You have a car radio that only plays cassettes or CDs. Do you have a lot of music on a USB stick or MP3? This will be the perfect solution for you FM Transmitter . This device will significantly expand the capabilities of your radio. As the name says, these are devices that transmit a signal from one device (e.g. flash drive) to another receiver (in this case the radio.) Its operation is very simple, to the transmitter we connect the music carrier  or insert a memory card, plug the transmitter into the cigarette lighter, set the same frequency and we can listen to your favorite music on your radio.

Transmiter FM K416D widok ogólny

The device transmits waves + remote control and steering wheel cover

K416D FM Transmitter  not only has a remote control, but also a cap with a remote control on the steering wheel, which makes it easier to operate the device while driving. This one  transmitter  has also built-in equalizer , not to be despised by fans of heavy sound or enthusiasts of violin music. In short, you regulate the volume of the sounds you want to hear better.

W zestawie transmitera FM K416D

Transmiter FM z pokazanymi gniazdami USB, SD, Aux


Connector: on microSD
Display: LCD
Head: mobile, thanks to which the transmitter system can be adapted to any car interior
Processor:Sound with Clear FX - pure surround sound
Played audio formats: MP3
Remote: equipped with 20 buttons
Transfer band: 25 Hz - 44 kHz, reproducing deep bass and treble

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