Car vacuum cleaner 12V MA-C003

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Do you like to drive a clean car? Invest in a car vacuum cleaner.

Odkurzacz samochodowy zasilany z gniazda zapalniczki 12V

 We all know how tedious it is to vacuum a car. Small space, lots of nooks, inaccessible places and various types of dirt, which he loves to stick into upholstery or rugs. For this while living in a block of flats, we may have a problem connecting our vacuum cleaner to the power supply. We have three options. We can go to a gas station and take advantage of expensive, uncomfortable, often damaged and poorly suction stationary vacuum cleaners. We can hire a car cleaning company or we can buy it to avoid frustration and nerves small portable car vacuum cleaner.

Odkurzacz samochodowy MA-C003 w opakowaniu fabrycznym

Lightweight handy car vacuum cleaner

 Car vacuum cleaners are designed to work in hard to reach nooks and crannies. The best ones are powered from the car socket, we don't have to pull the power cables. Vacuum cleaner MA-C003  has a suction hose included in the set, which significantly facilitates maneuvering inside the car, the crevice nozzle will vacuum all narrow gaps and the brush will be great vacuum and clean the dirt  from rugs.

Zdjęcie real odkurzacza samochodowego MA-C003

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