Dafi Crystal NAVY glass filter jug ​​+ filter

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A good glass DAFI filter jug ​​will be useful in every household

Dzbanek Dafi Crystal 2L

Crystal Dafi in navy blue

 We drink huge amounts of water throughout our lives. Have you ever wondered why we buy bottled water? We do not trust tap water? But is it worth spending so much money on something that we can have at home cheaper thanks to filter jugs? The economic aspect is also extremely important, because we usually buy water in plastic bottles ... Regular drinking of water is very important for everyone, and in most cities you can easily reach for tap water. There is only one drawback to such water. Tap water is definitely too much stone and if it flows through old pipes it can be additionally contaminated. And that's why it's worth filtering it.

Filtr Dafi Standard

Glass filter jug

Crystal Dafi in navy blue  Such a jug has a very simple structure-it jug and replaceable filter , usually coal. Such a filter cleanses water of organic compounds, rust, chlorine or heavy metals. And removing calcium and magnesium salts from water softens it. An average filter lasts for 2-4 weeks, but it all depends on how much water you drink and what water you filter. When we need to replace the filter, we will learn from the LED indicator, which measures filter wear. Dafi Crystal is a Polish brand of water filters, the jug of this company has a capacity of 2 liters (it includes 1 liter of capacity of filtered water). It is made of glass, so it will look good on the table as in the kitchen. Easy to clean also in dishwashers.

 With each jug you will receive a Dafi Standard filter that cleans tap water and protects the kettle from scale.

Szklany dzbanek filtrujący Dafi + filtr

 Please check the contents of the package by courier. We do not refund money for a beaten jug if this has not been confirmed by the courier's protocol when collecting the package.

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