Camry CR 7960 air purifier with ionization function


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We spend the whole day indoors, focused on work and household chores, we don't bother with what air we are just breathing.
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 Do you need an air purifier? Let's think together.

In our workplaces and flats, not only mites, dust, bacteria, but also viruses float in the air. And all this causes dry throat, coughing, runny nose, headaches and even sleep problems. All the electrical devices that surround us produce positive ions and they attract all impurities like magnet and keep germs of fungi, mold and various allergens in the air. The Camry air purifier is a combination of 3 filters that protect against the harmful effects of microorganisms, dusts and bacteria that get into our lungs during breathing.

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Purifier and ionizer in one Camry CR 7960

Thanks to the built-in sensors it automatically adapts the detected pollution. Whereas 4 manual modes will allow us to set e.g. quiet night mode. The built-in timer will let you forget that the device should be turned off. The Camry purifier weighs only 4.5 kg, so everyone can move it to the desired place. It is very easy to clean.

Nowoczesny wygląd Camry CR 7960

Camry CR 7960 is a device that filters air 170m³ / h. 3 filters, work in harmony to improve the air quality around you.
1  the degree is to clean the air of larger dust particles
2  The degree is a carbon filter that is effective fights chemicals and reduces unpleasant smells
3  this degree captures all microparticles, flying cells of mold, mites and other allergens

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Air purifier or ionizer?

 Camry CR 7960 is two in one. Purifier and ionizer. you ask, why an ionizer ? We need fewer bacteria to grow around us ionize the air . ionizer  it produces negative ions, and they saturate the air and cause all these dirty things instead of falling to our lungs. This home cleaner and ionizer  in one it is especially useful where the air is polluted with smog, for people who are allergic, for those who often get sick, for smokers and for animal owners. But with the growing problems with polluted air, it will be useful to all of us, even those who until now did not know what allergies are. As they say: "Prevention is better than cure"

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