Mesko MS 7959 air purifier, ionizer

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 Clean air in your home is not obvious.

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Mesko MS 7959 Home air purifier

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 If you think that after closing the window, you make the home air less polluted than outside, then you are wrong. Much is said about pollution and smog. Especially in the winter heating season, there is so much pollution in the air that we notice it ourselves without special measuring equipment. The neighbor smokes in a plastic oven, another drives a car with a dilapidated exhaust, a factory nearby or a busy street, urban smog. We poison ourselves and our children. Since "poisoners" cannot be persuaded by conversation or by credentials, we must defend ourselves in a different way. And here they come across devices for home air purification. Small, quiet and unobtrusive.

Opakowanie fabryczne Mesko MS 7959

 A simple principle of operation consisting in the production of negative ions "catching" positively charged air pollutants. Effectively fights dust, hair, dust and similar pollution. An additional advantage is the production of ozone, which neutralizes odors. We feel fresh and fresh in the room where the purifier works. MS 7959 has two performance levels that we can use depending on the degree of air pollution. The manufacturer states that one device has an effective range in rooms up to 20 square meters. The purifier is very quiet and what is important because of the continuous nature of the work is energy saving. Service practically none, easy to clean.

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