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Mamibot EX VAC odkurzacz automatyczny

FULL GO (double cleaning)

Mamibot EX VAC Robot odkurzający

Mamibot vacuum cleaner. Why is it worth

 - Comfortable gyroscopic navigation
 - As many as 4 cleaning algorithms
 - Possibility to set a cleaning schedule
 - mopping attachment included
 - main brush 19cm
- 750ml container with HEPA filter
 - ultrasonic sensors

Mamibot EX VAC robot do odkurzania

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Robot sprzątający Mamibot EX VAC

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner EX VAC The EX VAC series is the first of a series of robot vacuum cleaners about in the ones presented by the Mamibot brand, about ra uses smart gyroscope technology about in . Their use in this device allows for a better day about r algorithm about in suited to the cleaned room, which greatly facilitates this operation. This is the model, about ry has gained great favor Customer about in the whole world and enjoys consistently great popularity to this day.

Robot Mamibot EX VAC

EX VAC is a great solution for people about b, about re do not always have time to regularly vacuum their four corners, and value the daily cleanliness of the floors at home. In its class, it is the model with the smallest height (only 7.8 cm!), Which allows it to reach places inaccessible to other robot about in cleaners, and it's easy to store because it doesn't take up much space.

Robot półhybrydowy Mamibot EX VAC

Just press one button and  EXVAC easily collects dust, dirt, hair in moose and all dirt from your floor, completely without your participation. The device can be additionally connected with a cover with a wet microfiber cloth, kt about ra supports the cleaning process of hard floors.

Cichy robot sprzątający Mamibot EX VAC

The great advantage of this device is its amazing performance and relatively quiet operation about for competing devices. Its pleasant hum is not annoying to the household member about staying at home, which is of great importance for many people. Equally important, thanks to the built-in gyroscopes and ultrasonic sensor, the robot vacuum cleaner EXVAC does not hit the walls and does not damage skirting boards during work (* subject to certain about delicate ones matter e.g. Glossy black).

Mamibot EX VAC z algorytmem ZIG-ZAG

The Mamibot vacuum cleaning robot is controlled by intelligent software (it has four algorithms - car, egde, spot, zigzag), which itself selects the appropriate cleaning mode in this way about b to cover the largest possible area in one cycle. The smaller the room, the more its effectiveness increases.

Algorytm ZIG-ZAG

When the device discharges, it enters the saving mode and returns to the charging station. The Mamibot robot vacuum cleaner has the largest dust container in its class - it can hold as much as 750 ml of dust and dirt collected while working at home. The HEPA filter with a efficiency of 99.97% will ensure the quality and purity of air by removing the smallest particles of dust, bacteria or virus about in.

Mamibot z harmonogramem pracy

Ultrasonic sensors allow you to flawlessly pass obstacles without any contact with them. This is especially so  wa when at home, for example, there is a bowl of water for a dog or there are delicate vases or flowers on the floor. The device is not round, it is built on a square shape with rounded corners - it allows it to clean dust from the corner even more accurately about in rooms where about I am working. EX VAC has everything a good robot vacuum cleaner should have.

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 Contents of the package:

 - 2 x side brush (spare)
 - 2x mopping cloth
 - 1x HEPA filter (spare)
 - 1x plastic mopping cover
 - 1x remote control
 - 1x docking station
 - 1x charger
 - 2x AAA battery
 - 1x magnetic tape 2m (virtual wall)

EX VAC ultradźwiekowe czujniki

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