Powerful dehumidifier Dedra DED9903 20L / 24h

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High performance air dryer designed for rooms with excessive humidity.

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Wide application, high efficiency - these are the two most important advantages of this product. The Dedra DED9903 dehumidifier prevents mold and mildew about on the walls - the real bane of all rooms with above-average humidity. We recommend this device for all production halls, offices, warehouse about in, shop about in and workshop about in , a le about also in private places - the dehumidifier will be useful in households, garages, basements, buildings about in economic, attic about in etc. It is also very useful when performing wet finishing works such as: plastering, plastering or painting rooms.

Dedra  DED9903 Osuszacz powietrza 20L/24h

This is a powerful device that works in many everyday situations, preventing the growth of microorganisms that cause mold and fungus.


- Capacity at 30 ° C 80% RH: 20l / 24h

- Area of ​​dehumidified rooms: 70-90m²

- Air flow in: 180 m³ / h

- Humidity control: 30- 80%

- Tank capacity: 4 liters (with the option of connecting a permanent drain)

- Power: 355W

- Power supply: 230V

- Noise emission: 44dB

- Coolant: R-410A

- Sensor / switch type: Electronic

- Display: LCD

- Timer: 12h

- Air filter

- Has a tank overflow indicator

- Safe use: automatic switch-off when the tank is overfilled

- Built-in water level window

- Defrost function

- Wheels

- Weight of machine: 15.2 kg

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