Moisture absorber Q34C LCD HQ, air dryer

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You definitely prefer to breathe clean air

Pochłaniacz wilgoci Q34C LCD HQ

Do you want to get rid of moisture in your surroundings?

None of us likes to get sick, nobody or smell of mold and nobody likes to be in cold, damp rooms. Such an environment badly affects our health, our things and our food. We get sick, food breaks down and things smell bad. And all you have to do is buy desiccant  to lead  optimal humidity  in our surroundings.

Q34C LCD HQ Osuszacz powietrza

Dehumidifiers  they operate on different technologies, there are those on compressors, electric adsorptive ones, there are those that use silica gel and those that work on the Peltier principle. Decide for yourself what technology is closer to you. We recommend Q34C  - touch air dryer with LCD  (operating on Peltier technology) showing ambient temperature and humidity.

Zasada działania osuszacza powietrza

Anyone recommend a good and efficient moisture absorber?

We recommend extremely efficient working on Peltier technology  dehumidifier . It is quiet, works on electricity, does not require complicated service a drains the room to 40 square meters . Its capacity is 550 milliliters per day and the 110 ml tank will allow two days of work.

Q34C LCD HQ Bardzo wydajny pochłaniacz wilgoci

 You do not have to worry about cartridges, any powders you do not have to think about the fact that the tank will fill up and water will spill.

Wymiary Q34C LCD HQ

 All you have to do is turn it on and then wait until the red LED flashes. This means that the machine has stopped working and time to empty the tank.

Pochładniacz wilgosi w Twoim domu

 On the backlit display absorber  you'll see either the temperature or humidity of your surroundings. The dryer is indicated by a blue LED.

Wyświetlacz LCD pochładniacza wilgosi

Q34C LCD HQ osuszacz powietrza dla wymagających


Dimension:21.8x15.5x34 cm
Display: LCD showing temperature or humidity
Power consumption:72W
Performance:550ml / day
Power: 12V 6A
Tank capacity:1100ml
Work area:<40m2

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