Media-Tech MT4058 GPS navigation and two cameras

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GPS navigation, front camera, rear camera, media player, FM transmitter

Multimedialne lusterko Media-Tech MT4058

Why buy separately? Buy multipac - all in one

 Navigation, reversing cameras, front camera, panoramic mirror. We can equip our car with more and more things. But why crumble if we can have it all in one go. You ask if you need all this ?? Why do you need navigation, you probably don't need to explain it, you'll get to your destination much faster when you have the exact route before your eyes. The front recorder will be useful in the event of a collision or disputed speed if stopped by the police. The built-in GPS module determines the user's position and adds a geotag to each file, also saving the speed with this information. Rear camera, which can also be a reversing camera in your opinion is a superfluous gadget? And if someone brakes hard into the back of your car after a sharp braking, you have proof on your palm. In addition, with an uncomfortable parking space is an extremely useful thing.

MT4058 Mediatech, wszystko w lusterku

Connection of the camera with navigation in the rearview mirror

Media-Tech U-Drive Navigation, this hybrid combines several different functions in one device - front and rear video recorder, reversing camera, navigation and panoramic mirror. All this in an overlay on a standard car mirror. To mount it, you need to use rubber bands, which are applied to the tabs in the mirror. The cover adapts perfectly to the shape and thickness of the mirrors installed in cars. Controlling this "computer" is done using a touch screen built into the center of the mirror. The camera records 7 minutes of video, when it runs out of space on the card it overwrites with the next ones, unless someone enters us or we into someone, then after registering the shock, the film is saved to disk. You can also save the shot by pressing ok on the mirror housing. The built-in FM transmitter will send the sound to the car radio just set the same frequency in them.

Opakowanie Media-Tech MT4058

Media-Tech MT4058 is:

The front camera records the image in 1080p.
 High-class wide-angle lens
 Rear camera recording image in 720p resolution.
 The rear camera has a reversing camera function. It will turn on when you reverse gear
 The material from both cameras is saved on a microSD memory card with a capacity of up to 64GB.
 U-DRIVE NAVIGATION works with most navigation applications
 Accuracy and speed of positioning is due to the use of a super sensitive external antenna.
 Built-in 5 inch LCD touch screen
 There is an anti-reflective coating on the surface of the mirror
 The WIFI interface gives access to the Internet, thanks to a shared connection with a smartphone)
 The FM transmitter allows you to send audio to the audio system by selecting the appropriate frequency
 Date display, loop recording, G-sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS receiver


 CPU and GPU:
 A33 Quadcore 1.2Gh
 Mali-450 MP2
 Operating system:
 Android 4.4 KitKat
 WIFI 802.11 b / g / n network card
 MT6627 1.575 GHz
 Tracking sensitivity: -165dBmc
 Positioning accuracy: 15m, 2D RMS; 10m, 2D RMS, WAAS, 0.1m / s
 Fast positioning
 5 inches, TN 854x480 points
 Multi-point touch screen
 Front: 1080p FULL HD WDR
 Rear: 720p HD
 5.5m cable
 Supports micro SD memory cards up to 64GB for recording images from the camera
 Lithium-ion 640mAh
 SOS function to block the currently recorded movie
 An application that facilitates using the device
 Multilingual interface
 MiniUSB 2.0 interface
 Dimensions: 310x85x25mm
 Power supply:
 5V 2A
 12 / 24V car charger with car lighter socket

Łatwa obsługa Mediatech MT4058

 Media-Tech MT4058
 reversing camera
 car charger
 a set of brackets to be mounted on the factory mirror

Media-Tech MT4058

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