JJR / C H31 Waterproof drone with a 2MP camera

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Dron JJR/C
The design of the model makes it very resistant to falls and collisions - all thanks to the high quality of the materials used. The flexible material from which the rotor blades are made makes them very durable and the risk of breaking them is negligible.

Dron RC sterowanie

Dron RC wyświetlascz lcd

 Thanks to wind resistance, the model works well indoors and outdoors.

Dron RC wodoodporny H31

 In addition, the electronic components of the drone have been protected against wetting, which allows immersion up to 0.5m!

Kamera 2MP wbudowana w drona

 The model remained equipped with a 2 megapixel camera that allows you to take photos and record videos.

Dron H31 z kamera 2MP

 Quadcopter H31 has a 6-axis stabilization system, which makes the machine agile and manoeuvrable, and at the same time very stable in flight. The extraordinary stability and ease of control allow for trouble-free operation that even a child who has never had contact with remote-controlled models can cope with and will thus gain experience.

Dron JJR/C H31 z kamerą 2megapixele

Dron JJR/C H31 opis sterowania

 The H31 can perform aerial stunts, it has also been equipped with the automatic return function at the push of a button. If the range is lost, the quadcopter will find its way back.

JJR/C H31 dron w pełni wodoodporny

 The drone operates at 2.4GHz, making it much more resistant to interference than machines operating on 27 or 40MHz bands.

JJR/C H31 dron na 2,4GHz

 The remote control is equipped with an LCD screen from which we can quickly read precise information useful during the flight, such as active mode, battery level, signal strength, etc.

JJR/C H31 opakowanie drona

 - Range up to 80m.
 - 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po battery
 - Remote control power supply 4 AA batteries (not included)
 - Dimensions: 29x29x9cm.
 - Water resistance up to 0.5m

Dron JJR/C H31 wersja zielona


 Drones available in white and green. For availability of colors, please ask before purchasing, we do not guarantee the availability of both colors at the time of purchase. In the absence of information about the color, we send randomly.

Dron JJR/C H31 zestaw
Dron JJR/C H31 filmuj z lotu ptaka
Dron zdalnie sterowany JJR/C H31 z kamerą

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