Antenna DVB-T H / V Combo VHF UHF Dipol 28 / 5-12 / 21-60

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Professional antenna set with H / V polarization Dipol 28 / 5-12 / 21-60 DVB-T is adapted to receive digital terrestrial DVB-T television in the band VHF (174-230 MHz)  and UHF (470-790 MHz) . The universal antenna design allows you to freely change the polarization of V / H reception for both VHF and UHF bands.

Dipol 28/5-12/21-60 DVB-T COMBO

 The antenna receives DVB-T television signals from one direction
 - in the VHF band (channels 5 - 12) in horizontal or vertical polarization
 - in the UHF band (channels 21-60) in horizontal or vertical polarization


 - has a built-in VHF / UHF crossover
 - pre-assembled
 - made of aluminum
 - modern design - big profit with small dimensions
 - made in Poland
 - cardboard packaging

Naziemna telewizja cyfrowa antena VHF/UHF

 The antenna is characterized by high gain, which will allow the reception of a signal from a remote TV transmitter. The professional antenna set has a built-in crossover in the VHF antenna box and a balun in the UHF antenna box. The antenna is pre-assembled. Installation involves tightening a dozen or so screws and takes a few minutes. The main antenna elements are made of aluminum, steel construction elements are galvanized. In the case of transmitters of weaker power and / or more distant from the place of reception, it may be necessary to use an amplifier having independent gain control separately in the VHF and UHF bands.

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