GreenBlue GB800 rotating mop metal bin. Set

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Mop GreenBlue GB800

The set consists of a rotary metal mop rotor and the stick  GreenBlue GB800 and with two cartridges in a universal size.

Mop obrotowy GreenBlue GB800 dwa wkłady

GreenBlue GB800 MOP is a classic floor cleaning set - consists of a water bucket equipped with a rotating mechanism for rinsing the mop and a centrifugation basket which about ry allows you to control the degree of soaking the mop or centrifuging it to dryness. The package is an integral part of every home.

Mop obrotowy GreenBlue GB800 1000 obrotów/min

Why is it worth

- The sieve is centrifuged at up to 1000 revolutions per minute,

- The GreenBlue mop doesn't leave any streaks

Mop obrotowy GreenBlue GB800 metaslowy koszyk

- The mop is suitable for both wooden floors and tiles,

- Flexible connector ensures reaching even the most difficult places

Mop obrotowy GreenBlue GB800 do podłóg drewnianych i glazury

- Provides efficient and effective squeezing the mop without splashing,

- Telescopic rod 100 - 130 cm long,

Mop obrotowy GreenBlue GB800 drążek 100-130cm

- The bucket is made of good quality plastic with a metal sieve

- Convenient draining of the collected water tank is possible thanks to the built-in drain with a plug,

GreenBlue GB800 Mop obrotowy

GreenBlue GB800 Zestaw

 Set contains:

 - Brand new mop with bar + bucket
 - Additional mop insert
 - Instructions in Polish
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

GreenBlue GB800 w opakowaniu


Capacity:buckets: 5 l
Dimension:46.5 x 27 x 25 cm
Diameter:contribution: about 42 cm
Execution: made of high quality plastic
Height: rod: 100 - 130 cm

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