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Menus and voice messages in Polish, radar notification, full license. The accuracy and functionality of Automapa is unmatched and there is no need to advertise it, we will limit ourselves to dry technical data, and about the advantages of Automapa read directly from users on google;)

 It contains the full version of the map of Europe, including Poland XL extended with navigation data of European countries provided by Teleatlas. Carrier - memory card - individual license number.

 Searching for destinations and navigation throughout Europe does not require switching maps - they are combined into one coherent whole combining the advantages of the most detailed maps from the Polska XL version and the pan-European coverage of Teleatlas maps. Information on the precision and coverage of maps in individual countries is presented on the "Content" page.

 Like the Polska XL map, the AutoMapa Europe version also allows you to select and install any part or the entire map. In this way, depending on the needs, the user may have at his disposal either a set of maps or, if necessary (e.g. the need to fit the map on a small memory card) only the area of ​​his choice.
 AutoMapa Europe in Poland provides all the possibilities offered by AutoMapa Polska XL. Including precise address points, visualizations of building outlines, rich topographic content and many more. Exact point addresses and building shapes are a unique feature only available in the AutoMapa navigation system.

 Below the real photos:

 Map found in a rarely visited warehouse location;) Not registered, not used. She passed a few years on the shelf. The map version is quite old, but it does not matter, since it is entitled to an annual update. I suggest updating the map to the latest version immediately after purchase, this may require a larger capacity memory card, or uploading the map to the device on which it is supposed to work.

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