T-332 LCD Humidifier, aromatherapy

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T-332 LCD Nawilżacz powietrza

The ultrasonic humidifier with a touch panel, working on the principle of ultrasonic waves, turns clean water into cool and refreshing steam, while producing significant amounts of negative ions, combating pollen, dust and other air pollution. LED night light function. It has the function of measuring the humidity in the room and adjusts to the given size.

T-332 Ultradźwiękowy Nawilżacz powietrza

Built-in hygrometer
 Automatic hygrometer with adjustable humidity from 45 to 90 RH%, in the range of 5RH%. The humidifier will stop working when the set room humidity is reached.

T-332 Nawilżacz powietrza z jonizacją

Very readable and functional LCD display

T-332 Nawilżacz powietrza z wyświetlaczem LCD

Night lamp function
 Useful function of the base illumination gives very interesting visual effects in dark rooms.

T-332 Nawilżacz powietrza z LED

Modern look

T-332 Nawilżacz i jonizator powietrza

Anion function: Air ionization
 Anions are negative ions - particles that absorb and neutralize the influence of such elements as dust, dust, pathogenic germs, bacteria and other harmful substances. They significantly eliminate the unpleasant smell that accompanies bacterial and fungal processes. Their sufficient amount in contact with the body results in increased concentration, improved physical condition, mood and also the body's regenerative capacity. Thanks to the greater supply of anions, our body will receive a natural remedy that helps maintain immunity and vitality. We will provide the body with regular supply of increased anion concentration by using humidifiers with ionization function.

T-332 Nawilżacz aromaterapia

Aromatherapy function

 Aromatherapy is a treatment with the use of essential oils that have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and warming effects. Fragrance treatment involves staying in an area that smells of oils. Our humidifier with the aromatherapy function is an ideal device for spraying this type of substance in the air.

T-332 aromaterapia, nawilżanie, jonizacja

 - Max. Capacity 4l
 - Humidification intensity adjustment.
 - Productivity: up to 380 ml / h
 - LCD display
 - Control - touch panel
 - Hygrometer with humidity setting from 45 to 90 RH%, in the range of 5RH%
 - 2x rotary steam nozzle
 - Automatic power cut off when the water level is low
 - Area of ​​operation: up to 40m2
 - LED backlight - 7 colors glowing alternately with the possibility of switching off
 - Built-in timer 1-12h
 - Oxygen bar function - in addition, negative ions are produced that destroy pathogenic bacteria
 - Color: white and blue
 - Power supply: 230V 50-60Hz
 - Volume: 35d (BA)
 - Power: 28W
 - Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 35 cm

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