Ultrasonic humidifier T-326, LED RGB


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Nawilżacz powietrza T-326

Including ultrasonic Temaveovision sound air humidifier, high frequency vibrations are used for special production mists water meadow, kt about ra is blown outside the device by means of a fan. The advantage of this humidifier is very high efficiency at about at the same time, low energy consumption - this economical solution will work in homes and offices.

Ultradźwiękowy nawilżacz powietrza T-326

The humidifier has an RGB LED that changes color. In the pictures below you can see this "dry" light. After filling the humidifier with water it must look interesting;)

Nawilżacz powietrza T-326 z podświetleniem LED RGB

Nawilżacz powietrza T-326 z podświetleniem LED RGB

The humidified air is devoid of unpleasant odors about in , and the humidifier does not cause pollution and is safe for people and the environment.

Nawilżacz powietrza T-326 widok z góry

Nawilżacz powietrza T-326 prosta obsługa

The set includes: Polish user manual and FV or receipt (warranty basis).

Nawilżacz powietrza T-326 Ultradźwiękowy


Function:Blowing intensity control, Rotary steam nozzle
Performance: max. - 300ml / hour
Tank capacity:max. 2.5 l
Work area:up to 32m2
Working time:Fully filled, it works from 6 to 24 hours depending on the steam power,

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