Radio BLOW AVH-9880 2DIN LCD 7 "multimedia + GPS


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Do you need navigation, a radio, a speakerphone?

BLOW AVH-9880 Radio 2DIN LCD 7"

Multifunctional car radio

If you can not imagine driving without listening to music, if you often use navigation, if you talk while driving, think about whether it is worth spending money on various equipment for the car such as radio, navigation, player, etc.  multimedia station  will give you all these options at once.

BLOW AVH-9880 Radio z bluetooth system głośnomówiący

Playing music  and movies  car navigation , loudspeeker sysetm, monitor for external cameras  and of course  radio.

BLOW AVH-9880 Radio z nawigacją GPS

 If you can mount in your car 2DIN size radio  I present to you an outstanding representative of this equipment:  BLOW AVH-9880 Radio 2DIN LCD 7 "

BLOW AVH-9880 Wejścia USB, SD, AUX

2DIN multimedia station

BLOW AVH-9880 Radio multimedialne 2DIN

 Colorful interface and slim design, concave and convex buttons. Everything works on the remote control, simple intuitive operation. Has a battery saving mode
Full Blow brand service  in Poland.

BLOW AVH-9880 Kable i antena GPS


Display:7-inch color touchscreen
Entrance: USB and SD, for connecting an additional device, e.g. rear view camera
Function: Bluetooth
Gps receiver:Built-in cooperating with all maps
Image: RGB (wide range of colors)
Output power:4x 50W
Radio tuner:receives FM and AM waves

Product reviews


Witam. Moim zdaniem za takie pieniądze radio warte polecenia. Dźwięk? wiadomo że nie najwyższych lotów ale nie ma tragedii u mnie w Rextonie da się słuchać muzyki. Jakość dźwięku taka sama z usb, karty micro sd jak i z radia nie jak w przypadku serii 7010, 7012 itd gdzie o ile radio działa znośnie to już usb i karta tragedia. Cała reszta działa dobrze łącznie z navi. Za te pieniądze Bardzo Polecam.

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