Mushroom, fruit and herb dryer ADLER AD 6654

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You don't need sun for drying

Suszarka do grzybów, owoców i ziół Adler AD 6654

What does drying fruits and vegetables give us?

drying  is the oldest method of food preservation. It used to be dried in the sun, then in ovens and now we have much easier, because you only need to buy mushroom dryer  and fruit. In such a device you will perfectly remove not only mushrooms, but also fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Prezentacja suszarki Adler AD 6654

During drying water evaporates  and thanks to this dried products gain durability. At the same time, he stays inhibited microbial growth  and bio-elements, tannins, acids, carotene as well as fibers and pectins are preserved. And if you prepare the drought well, you will enjoy the full flavors and aromas of vegetables and fruits.

Adler AD 6654 w opakowaniu

What can you remove in a mushroom dryer?

For drying in such a dryer: carrots, parsley, leeks and celery are great, as well as beets and eggplants. First, we need to wash them and cut them into slices or strips (remember - the pieces must have the same thickness). We can dry herbs : dill, parsley, coriander, celery. Fruits are almost all suitable, mushrooms too. Adler dryer  works very quietly, it will not disturb anyone even while sleeping. Large sieves allow even large quantities of small products to be placed. And stacking layers in the dryer means that the device will not take up much space in the kitchen.

Adler AD 6654 suszy grzyby, warzywa, owoce, zioła

 Dries quickly and effectively:
 - Mushrooms
 - Vegetables
 - Fruit
 - Herbs

Adler AD 6654 wielofunkcyjna suszarka spożywcza

 Thanks to the two-stage temperature control, we can dry with different intensity.

Adler AD 6654 z czeroma tacami

 In the package:
 - Hair dryer
 - 4 drying trays
 - Cover
 - User manual
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Adler AD 6654 zdjęcie z suszonymi owocami

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