Ax for splitting 1kg Powermat PM-AX-1000/360

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Hatchet useful in every home.

Powermat PM-AX-1000/360

 Deposition of the head in the handle is done hot with the help of appropriate devices casting the mass of fiberglass so that it forms an inseparable whole. This functionality is facilitated by special embossing of the inner part of the face. The upper part of the shaft has a built-in metal bracket stiffening the whole structure.

Siekiera do rozłupywania 1000g

 A great oil-resistant anti-slip surface, resistant to scratches, easy to clean and perfectly profiled under one handle, as well as two-handed, gives the axes from the PM-AX-xxx / xxx series exceptional work comfort.

Toporek do rozłupywania Powermat

 - head weight: 1000g
 - length: 360mm
 - shaft material: plastic (fiberglass core)
 face material: carbon steel

Powermat PM-AX-1000/360 siekiera do rozłupywania

 - Powermat axes are extremely resistant to loads.
 - The blade and face are made of forged carbon steel sharpened with grinding stones using diamond technology. This gives great sharpness and the possibility of re-sharpening to the condition of the original.
 - The handle is made of strong fiberglass (Fiber Glass) resistant to all weather conditions.

Sekiera do rozłupywania PM-AX-1000/360 Fiber Glass

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