Carpenter's ax 1000g 450mm Powermat PM-AX-1000/450

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Powermat PM-AX-1000/360

What types of axes are on the market?

It is not enough to go to the store and ask for an ax, the seller will ask the question, which one? We need to know what we will hack it, where and how much. axes  divided into:
 - universal ax
 - tourist ax
 carpentry axes
 - grubber, machete
 - a splitting ax
 merlin or hammer
 - double-sided ax
 Each of them has its own destiny. That's why we need to know what do we need a hatchet for  Let's sell on this page carpentry ax . So if you need it  ax for carpentry work  and construction, you've come to the right place. Carpentry axes are extremely sharp and precise.

Siekiera ciesielska PM-AX-1000/360

Choose the best carpenter's hatchet - Powermat PM-AX-1000/450

Powermat axes  They are not only extremely resistant to loads, but also incredible sharpness and great workmanship. Deposition of the head in the handle is mounted hot with the help of devices casting the mass of fiberglass, so that they form an integral whole.

PM-AX-1000/360 trzonek z włókna szklanego

 upper part of the ax shaft  has a built-in metal bracket stiffening the whole structure.

PM-AX-1000/360 Do zastosowań profesjonalnych i domowych

PM-AX-1000/360 siekiera marki Powermat

 - Powermat axes are extremely resistant to loads.
 - The blade and face are made of forged carbon steel sharpened with grinding stones using diamond technology. This gives great sharpness and the possibility of re-sharpening to the condition of the original.
 - The handle is made of strong fiberglass (Fiber Glass) resistant to all weather conditions.

PM-AX-1000/360 siekiera ciesielska znanej marki

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