Vordon SP-17W Wireless weather station white

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Vordon SP-17W

The VORDON SP-17W weather station has an easy to use, intuitive and large, touch screen with high quality image.

Vordon SP-17W wisi i stoi

 The device housing is adapted in such a way that it can stand on the countertop or hang on the wall.

Czujnik zewnętrzny Vordon SP-17W

 You can arrange the outside sensors around the house and outside. They have a range of up to 100 meters, without the need to connect devices with onerous cables.

Bezprzewodowa stacja pogody Vordon SP-17W

 The station has a unique comfort analysis system.

Vordon SP-17W Twój monitoring pogody

 Icon set: open and closed windows suggest opening or closing the window respectively to maintain or improve the humidity level.

Vordon SP-17W z pamięcią wewnętrzną

 Memory for maximum and minimum temperature and humidity values.

 Battery power means that the station works regardless of power outages from the power grid.

Zasilanie bateryjne Vordon SP-17W

 The weather station has a clock with an alarm function installed. This is the end of your problems with getting up.

Vordon SP-17W z funkcją budzika

ATTENTION:  Here we buy a device in white.

Opakowanie Vordon SP-17W

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