0.6L energy saving electric kettle with filter

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Mesco MS 1236r
Czajnik bezprzewodowy Mesko MS 1236 grey

Handy wireless kettle

kettles is the basic equipment in every kitchen. It's just that the kettles are very different, gas, electricity, large capacity and quite small,  colorful teapots and all white. If you don't have a large family, if you don't have guests often or you need one  mobile kettle  we have a proposition for you.

Czajnik bezprzewodowy Mesko MS 1236 grey

Kettle with a capacity of 0.6 l.  Why cook a liter or one and a half water wasting time and energy when you can boil water  as much as we need at a time. This kettle works great for all kinds of trips. This minimalist version of the kettle allows for considerable savings and is extremely practical.

Czajnik bezprzewodowy Mesko MS 1236 grey

Is it worth buying a kettle with a small capacity?

Why use energy and boil water in a large kettle if you usually need a glass of boiling water or two? Such an efficient and energy-saving teapot,  with a power of 760 W will allow you boil water quickly  for coffee or tea for one or two people. Its small size and power consumption make it an excellent choice for travelers and those who value saving. Mini kettle has a stable base, large and legible water level indicator and a control lamp. It is enough to pour only 200 milliliters into it to be able to boil water. The kettle will turn off automatically when the water boils.  Mesko kettle  MS1236 has a built-in filter that stops calcium deposits and this significantly improves taste  and quality of boiled water .

Czajnik bezprzewodowy Mesko MS 1236 grey

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Czajnik bezprzewodowy Mesko MS 1236 grey


Capacity:0,6l; minimum 0.2L
Filter:retaining calcium deposits
Indicator:water level - Large, readable
Shutdown: automatic after boiling

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