Cigarette lighter distributor, 2x USB charger, voltmeter

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Maclean MCE117 Rozdzielacz zapalniczki

Why do I need a lighter splitter?

It is in every car  cigarette lighter socket . But unfortunately one thing. And in today's world, it happens that we need to connect several different devices to the electricity in the car. And that's when the best solution is special  cigarette lighter splitters.  These devices are easy to use, allowing you to connect two (or even several) devices simultaneously. And we already have the comfort of using each of our devices on a regular basis, without the need for prior charging. We will say that in our opinion it is also great a gift idea for every driver.

Maclean MCE117 Rozdzielacz zapalniczki

 In the case of simultaneous connection of two devices via USB, the power consumption from one input is 5V .  2.4A , total consumption is 4.8a  (Max).

Maclean MCE117 Rozdzielacz zapalniczki

Low battery in the phone and no GPS power? Buy Maclean MCE117 lighter splitter

We present brand new, high quality  car cigarette lighter splitter from 1 to 3. This wonder has integrated voltmeter  enabling voltage control. Built-in switch is the ability to turn on or off connected devices without removing the plug from the cigarette lighter. This device is the increased capabilities of our car lighter from 1 to 3 plus sockets two additional ports  USB with 2400mA.  splitter  suitable for powering and charging high-current electronic devices including mobile phones, GPS, PDA, iPod, MP3, portable video players and various types of car gadgets and accessories. It has a very thick cable with a length of 100 centimeters and thanks to this we can place the device where it is most convenient for us. Built-in fuse increases protection for charged electronic devices.

Maclean MCE117 Rozdzielacz zapalniczki

 Product description:
 - Car cigarette lighter splitter black rubberized, voltmeter, 3 cigarette lighter sockets, 2xUSB 4.8A, Max 120W
 - Smart IC function to protect against overcharging, short circuit and overvoltage
 - 2 USB ports for simultaneous connection of devices
 - High power (4.8 A) for fast charging
 - On / off switch
 - 1m cable (connecting the DC plug to the splitter)
 - Rubber lining for stable connection during charging
 - Stain resistant coating
 - Overvoltage or undervoltage protection
 - Two double-sided adhesive tapes for mounting anywhere

Maclean MCE117 Rozdzielacz zapalniczki


Distribution of output power: USB: 2.4Ax2
Input power: DC12 ~ 24V
Output power: USB: 5V, 4.8 (total), cigarette lighter socket: DC12 ~ 24V
Power:120W (max)

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