Media-Tech COBRA PRO MT1252 USB LED keyboard

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Klawiatura Media-Tech COBRA PRO MT1252

Are you looking for a player keyboard?

Keyboard , it's an integral part of your computer. If you are faced with choosing a keyboard, you probably have a problem with it, there are so many keyboards on the market that choosing the right one is very difficult. These are not the times when there was a keyboard with a long cable on the shelf and nobody thought about how the keys were arranged on it or  the keyboard has backlight  and what shape or color will be the coolest? And now? Now we can choose in flexible, laser, split, ergonomic, professional and dedicated to games.

Klawiatura Media-Tech COBRA PRO MT1252

 We invite you to buy today multimedia keyboard for players  - COBRA PRO MT1252.

Klawiatura Media-Tech COBRA PRO MT1252

The multimedia keyboard is a gift idea for an avid player

COBRA multimedia keyboard PRO MT1252 is a three block desktop type layout. The keyboard has 104 keys. And 10 additional function buttons mean better access to multimedia and the Internet, as well as more precise sound control. Three colored illumination increases the attractiveness of this equipment. You can adjust the brightness of the backlight. COBRA PRO MT1252 is dedicated for all avid computer players . The keyboard has an ergonomic shape.

Klawiatura Media-Tech COBRA PRO MT1252

 MT1252 keyboard  connect to a desktop or notebook via the USB port. No additional software is required to operate the keyboard.

Klawiatura Media-Tech COBRA PRO MT1252


Button:10 additional function buttons
Compatibility:from Windows WIN 7/8/10 32-64bit
Interface: USB
Number of buttons:104 keys

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