Bluetooth FM speaker + Blow BT400 alarm clock


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Blow BT400 Głośnik Bluetooth

Anyone have a problem waking? Let's buy him an alarm clock with a speaker

We already know weather stations  with clock and alarm clock, we know  clock radios  and we have already met with different radios with the function of wake up, pressure and humidity measurement etc. But I do not know if you have already met watch together with the radio , speaker, card reader? You can buy such items in our store now! Excellent  an idea for a gift . practical gadget , very well made and in a beautiful design, and the price is small. Blow company  is a well-known brand on the market, so it is a kind of guarantee of quality. It is worth getting acquainted with the parameters of this gem BLOW BT 400 . Black model with red large display.

Blow BT400 Głośnik Bluetooth

Speaker together with the BLOW BT400 alarm clock

Bluetooth speaker , FM radio, alarm clock, MP3, digital clock. Numbers backlit in red, clear, large and legible. Blow BT400 speaker  These are several functions enclosed in a slim and light box measuring 105x85x35 millimeters. It weighs a little wonder, because only 260 grams, so you can take them anywhere. Built-in battery with a capacity of 1500mAh, it has a working time of up to 3 hours and independence from power supply. A power failure will not cause the clock to stop and we will sleep for work. And charging takes about three hours. So why have many equipment if you can have one with many functions? We invite you to buy Blow BT400.

Blow BT400 Głośnik Bluetooth


Bluetooth range:up to 10 meters
Built-in battery:1500mAh
Bluetooth frequency: 2.400GHz - 2.480GHz
Battery duration:up to 3 hours
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Display:Color: red, Dimensions: 87x30mm, Clock: yes, Alarm clock: yes
Dimensions:105x85x35 mm
Equipment:Micro USB to Jack 3.5mm and USB connector, Manual and fv or receipt (warranty basis)
Entrance:AUX: With a micro USB to Jack 3.5mm and USB
Frequency range:RADIO 87.5MHz - 108 MHz
Landing:DC 5V, 500mA
Reader:micro SD MP3, WMA
Support:A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
Standard: 2.1

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polecam bardzo duzy zasięg i super odbiera




polecam duży wyświetlacz i super jakość


Mała, lekka obudowa. Jasny, duży wyświetlacz. Radio odbiera całkiem dobrze. Fajny sprzęt.