Garden chair, balcony O13 polyRATTAN

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What is rattan, technorattan and polliratan?

Krzesło ogrodowe O13

What furniture is best for the garden?

Rattan furniture  it currently most often chosen garden furniture . Or rather terraced because  natural rattan  is not very resistant to weather conditions. That is why, despite its beauty, natural rattan is not a good choice for the garden, where it will be exposed to intense sun or falling rain. But let's not break our arms, it exists  an alternative to natural rattan . It has a similar appearance, but with much better properties technorattan . Under this concept is the synthetic rattan, also called otherwise polirattanem . The same aesthetic values ​​are definitely greater resistance to external factors.

Wygodne krzesło z polirattanu na taras

We recommend a durable polyirattan chair

Technorattan  is a synthetic resin and HPDE polyethylene fiber or polyurethane and substances that increase the material's resistance to UV rays. And thanks to that rattan furniture  they do not get wet and molded, retain their colors for a long time, do not absorb dirt, and are comfortable, durable, light and durable. There is no fear that they will deform and lose color. They are also very easy to give in cleaning. Rattan furniture comes in so many colors and shapes that everyone can easily adapt the style to their own garden.

Krzesła balkonowe O13

 comfortable a poly rattan chair to the garden, to the balcony, terrace, gazebos, apartments and wherever you like. Made of powder-coated steel (frame) and rattan. Such chairs can be put into one another, which will save us a lot of space when stored.

Wymiary krzeseł ogrodowych i sposób przechowywania


 Material: steel, braided polyirattan
 Chair dimensions: 53 x 56 x 73 cm
 Weather resistant
 Frame thickness: from 22.5mm to 8mm
 Max load capacity: 100kg
 Dimensions: height 71cm, width 51cm, depth 52cm

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