HYUNDAI HYU-147 4in1 2Mpix camera 2.8-12mm

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HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

The camera belongs to the 4 in 1 family, works in the following systems: CVBS, HD-CVI, HDTVI and AHD. In addition, it is characterized by high quality, which ensures functionality and stable work parameters. The distinguishing features of the model are:

 - Construction based on a 1/3 "SONY CMOS image sensor - max. Resolution 2 Mpx
- 2.8-12 mm varifocal lens
- Built-in mechanical filter and infrared illuminator (40 m)
- IP66 sealed housing

 HYU-147 is a universal camera, designed for people who are looking for a high quality, economical CCTV system. It is a great choice for owners of outdated analog systems who want to replace them and have not yet decided what exactly - the camera can be switched to CVBS mode and connected to a classic DVR.

HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

 The camera uses HD-CVI, HDTVI, AHD or CVBS transmission and coding technology in which the signal is analog. CVI, TVI and AHD technologies are very similar and allow the transmission of high quality video (megapixel) over standard coaxial cables. High resolution image transmission is not the only advantage, they also feature:

 - An effective transmission range of up to 500 m
- No visible transmission delays, which often occur in IP systems
- The ability to transmit audio, video and control via coaxial cable

HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

 HD-CVI, HDTVI and AHD systems are great successors to classic analog systems. Signal transmission over the same coaxial cables is invaluable when replacing an outdated CVBS system. In this situation, there is no need to route new cables, which increases the total basket and system installation time.

 The HYU-147 camera generates a smooth and detailed image at a maximum resolution of 2 Mpx (1920 x 1080). It allows correct recognition of even small objects that are at a considerable distance from the camera. High quality video material is the result of using the 1/3 "SONY CMOS image sensor. Its additional advantages are:

 - The ability to read pixels in any order, which translates into speed of operation
- Easy focus adjustment to the observed frame
- Low power consumption

HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

 The camera was built based on a 2.8-12 mm zoom lens.

 Basic camera functions:
Day Night  - Adjusts the camera depending on the time of day to maintain the best image quality during the day and the highest sensitivity at night in low light
the WDR  - Digital wide dynamic range, increasing the tonal range of the observed frame. It enables effective observation of the scene in which there are both dark and light areas
AWB  - Automatic white balance, enables faithful reproduction of image colors
AGC  - Automatically amplifies the output signal when the light intensity decreases
BLC  - Background light compensation, allows you to effectively observe objects against a highly illuminated background
HLC  - Headlight compensation, increases the likelihood of e.g. correct detection of license plates at night when the car lights are on

HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

 The HYU-147 camera has a built-in infrared illuminator, thanks to which it can work properly at night, in low light conditions and even in total darkness. The illuminator has an effective range of up to 40 m. The camera is also equipped with a mechanical sliding infrared filter (ICR). In daytime mode it is active and reflects a significant part of infrared radiation. Thanks to this, the generated image retains its natural colors and high quality. When the camera switches to night mode, the filter is automatically removed from the transducer. Sensitivity parameters improve and it is possible to work under artificial IR light (however, the overall image quality deteriorates).

 The camera has a high IP66 protection class. It provides almost complete resistance to weather conditions, thus enabling trouble-free operation outside.

 IP66 housing provides protection against:
- Dust and getting small dirt inside the camera
- Heavy precipitation and water splashing from all sides
- Low and high temperatures in the range -10 ... + 55 oC

HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

 Technical specifications:
Image sensor: 1/3 '' SONY CMOS
Max. resolution: 1920 x 1080 (2 Mpx)
Speed: max. 25 fps @ 2 Mpx
Sensitivity: 0 lux (IR on)
 Lens: 2.8-12 mm
 IR illuminator: YES
Illuminator range: 40 m
Features: AWB, AGC, BLC, HLC, digital WDR
Housing: IP66
External housing: YES
Working temperature: -10 ... + 55 oC
Power supply: 12V DC
Dimensions: Ø 285 x 105 x 105 mm

HYUNDAI HYU-147 Kamera 4w1 2Mpix 2,8-12mm

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