SZA5 Closed textile wardrobe. Hangers and shelves

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ATTENTION: Illustrative graphics. The wardrobes have black hems and zippers. Real photos are in the further part of the description.

Mobile folding textile cabinet SZA5

 A large, foldable textile wardrobe with a bar for hangers and three shelves. Solid construction with steel tubes, sheathing made of durable material. The wardrobe, due to its light weight and "foldability" means that we can transport it to any place. We can find various applications for it. Great for temporary stalls, commercial tents, storage rooms. But it will also be great in a home wardrobe or utility room. After disassembly, the wardrobe is convenient for storage, takes up little space. The product is well made, it will serve you for many years.

 All photos below are photos of real wardrobes sold:

SZA5, i.e. a portable, foldable textile wardrobe

 - the wardrobe cover is made of breathable durable textile fabric
 - light metal tubes are folded and unfolded
 - the wardrobe is fastened in a convenient way with two sewn-in strong zippers
 - roll-up doors have Velcro protection
 - In addition to the surface for hangers, there are three roomy shelves with dimensions of 65x40cm. Two 38cm high and one with a rod for 65cm high hangers.
 - two additional pockets for small items are attached to the outside of the wardrobe
 - overall dimensions: 65x40 height: 141cm
 - drawing installation instructions included in the set

 A textile wardrobe is a good alternative to heavy wooden or chipboard wardrobes. Perfect for emergency situations. For a better look, we recommend ironing the material before putting it on

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