Landgraf Base induction pots 10 elements

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Who will not enjoy such a gift?

Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne

All kitchen lovers know the Landgraf company.

Landgraf is a company for everyone who loves cooking. And what is important in cooking ? The products are certainly the most important, but equally important are the equipment used to prepare dishes. And such the simplest equipment in every kitchen are pots . Just because they are the simplest does not mean that we can be dismissive when choosing them. Pots used for cooking must be really good, have a solid bottom, they must be made of non-material in reaction with dishes and they must be durable and aesthetically made. And so they are  pots from the Landgraf company.  They have been winning the trust of customers for 21 years. And thanks to their experience, they are able to provide all clients with the best solutions.

Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne

 - Pot with lid Ø14x7.5cm 8.0l
 - Pot with lid Ø16x9.5cm 1.8l
 - Pot with lid Ø18x10cm 2.4l
 - Frying pan with lid Ø24x18cm 1.5l
 - Two pot pads

Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne

Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne
Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne
Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne

What characterizes the Landgraf Base pot set?

Included  Base Langraf  we have a pot with a lid 8.01l,  pot with lid  1.8l, pot with lid 2.4l, pan with lid  1.5l and two coasters for pots.  The whole set is characterized by simplicity, aesthetics and solid workmanship. Each of the pots has a "spout" for the convenience of draining liquids. The handles are ergonomic and large, so that it is easier to handle the pot during cooking. allows you to  even heat distribution.

Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne

Pots can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and induction cookers.

Landgraf BASE Garnki indukcyjne

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