The climator of Ravanson. Water pump fan. KR-2011 pilot

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Klimator Ravanson KR-2011 z pilotem

What is the difference between an air conditioner and an air conditioner?

Climator , air conditioner, air conditioner ... Are there any differences? The most important feature that distinguishes them from each other is the method of cooling. In an air conditioner, cooling is the compression and expansion of the refrigerants, a in the climate on the evaporation of water. The air conditioner allows you to set the desired temperature, while the air conditioner does not, as the temperature increases cooling power the air conditioner grows and the air conditioner drops, the air conditioner dries the air, the air conditioner moisturizes them , the air conditioner works best outdoors, and the air conditioner indoors. These are the most important differences between these devices. So if you frequently air out your home and enjoy the breeze, choose an air conditioner. If you want to be able to close the window and set the temperature, choose an air conditioner.

Klimator Ravanson KR-2011 z opakowaniem

How does the air conditioner work?

The climator is equipped with cooling cartridges which remain soaked in water all the time. The hot air is forced by the fan as it passes through the inserts and the water absorbs the heat through a natural evaporation process. And as a result, the device gives the environment a refreshing, cool breeze air. We will add that the higher the outside temperature, the higher the temperature water air conditioner operation it is more efficient. Thanks to that Ravanson air conditioner has besides air humidification function ionization function this air is not only moistened, but also free from various impurities. Ravanson is equipped with a water pump, which in combination with air oscillation gives this device a very high efficiency.

Panel sterujący klimatora Ravanson KR-2011

In the event of very high temperatures, it is possible to use additional cooling inserts (included in the set). The entire device can be conveniently controlled using the remote control attached to the air conditioner.

Klimatory dostępne w sklepie


Function:humidification - cool breeze, air ionization, air oscillation,
Power:75 W.
Inflation:3 airflow speeds: high / medium / low
Capacity:water tank: 4l
Air flow:410 m3 / h
Control:Control panel + Remote control
Weight:4.7 kg
Dimension:305x270x615 mm
Security:against overheating

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