Dedra DED7764 gypsum, finishing, plastering sander

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Are you waiting for grinding, smoothing, polishing?

Dedra DED7764 Szlifierka bezpyłowa

How to make wall smoothing less burdensome?

Almost all of us were witnesses smoothing gypsum finish  on the wall or ceiling. And when it comes to sanding the joint or cavity, it is still work to bear. But when it comes smooth surfaces  about a few or several square meters, we know what it looks like, which is a side effect of this work. Handmade plaster sanding or plaster, it is not enough that arduous, long and laborious are also contributing a lot of work with dust, which is squeezed everywhere. And that's why all the professionals are on hand  gypsum grinders . And the best ones have completely different ones eliminated dust formation.

Dedra DED7764 Szlifierka bezpyłowa

If you want to buy a grinder for plaster and plaster, I will help you in choosing.

Our grinder  will allow you to sand plaster and similar materials. You can easily handle it  wall alignment , foundations or completed cavities on the ceiling.  Dedra DED7764  it's a simple but solid construction. Equipped with  dust extraction system  adapted to connect a vacuum cleaner and holes in sandpaper guarantee much better  dust removal  than just the edge ones. We can see exactly thanks to the LED backlight around the shield  working area that we're working on right now. The engine in this machine will not surprise us when turned on running at full throttle, but will smoothly increase revs. We will choose the speed to suit the material.

Dedra DED7764 Szlifierka bezpyłowa

 Set contains:
 4m power cord.
 Durable dust bag
 1.5m dust extraction hose.
 Sandpaper 6 pcs.
 manufacturer's warranty
 Receipt or VAT invoice

Dedra DED7764 Szlifierka bezpyłowa

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