Pre-paid television tuner HDS7241 disk 500GB + DVB-T

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You are not too attached to the TV?

Telewizja NC+ na kartę z tunerem HDS7241

If you do not like contracts and fixed monthly fees, then pre-paid television is just for you

If you often go away or have an unstable financial situation then  pre-paid TV offer  it's made just for people like you. Why contract and pay for something you don't use? Deciding on such a purchase you will be the owner of the decoder and depending on your decision for how much you top up the card will depend what you watch. You do not top up watching, you do not top up. Without bills, reminders, subscriptions and all these burdens related to contracts.

Telewizja na kartę z dekoderem na własność

HD TV  - without a contract is an ideal option. Pay and watch whenever you want!
decoder  This equipment is factory refurbished by the manufacturer in perfect condition with a 12 month warranty. The first month of the program offer as a gift . Details on the packaging picture:

Telewizja na kartę Canal+ oferta programowa

 Own HD decoder . You get the option of recording on 500GB hard disk  and  built-in digital terrestrial TV tuner  DVB-T.
Pre-paid TV is the perfect solution. Don't be deer, don't pay if you don't use. By buying this decoder you will receive prepaid first month, 130 channels !! And after a month you decide what to do next. You can top up and you can sign a contract. T en sold product, it  service with a decoder , therefore after activating the card and starting the service it will not be possible to return the decoder and withdraw from the purchase contract.

Tylny panel dekodera HDS7241 i pilot

 Technical specifications Pace HDS 7241 PVR HD:

 Satellite tuner:
 - Input frequency range:
 950 to 2150 MHz
 - Input signal level: -60 to -25 dBm
 - Input impedance: 75 Ω
 - Converter power supply: 13 / 18V, 350 mA max
 - High band control: 22 kHz
 - Diseqc 1.0
 - Modulation: QPSK (DVB-S), 8PSK (DVB-S2)

 Terrestrial TV tuner:
 - Input frequency:
 UHF 470-862 MHz (channel width 8 MHz)
 VHF 174-222 MHz (channel width 7 MHz)
 - Input signal level: -78 to -35 dBm
 - Frequency range:
 47 to 862 MHz
 - Modulation:
 COFDM option 2 k and 8 k
 Bandwidth: 7 or 8 MHz
 Modulation type: QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM
 - Network: MFN / SFN
 - Convolutional code efficiency: 1/2 to 7/8

 - MPEG2 MP @ ML (SD)
 - MPEG2 MP @ HL (HD)
 - MPEG4 AVC MP @ L3 (H264 SD)
 - MPEG4 AVC MP @ L4 (H264 HD)
 - MPEG4 AVC HP @ L4 (H264 HD)
 - Aspect ratio: 4: 3 and 16: 9
 - Resolution: up to 1080i (1920x1080)
 - 2D graphics

 - Complies with ISO / IEC 13818-3
 - MPEG-1, layers I and II
 - Operating mode: Mono, Stereo, Joint stereo
 - Dolby Digital

 - STi7105 processor
 - DDR memory: 256 MB (800 MHz)
 Flash: 32 MB
 - Hard disk: 500 GB

 Data Ports:
 - USB 2.0 (2 pcs)
 - Ethernet 10/100 BaseT

Tunere HDS7241 z pakietem programowym TV na kartę

 Front and side wall:
 - Buttons: On / Stands, UP, DOWN,
 RIGHT, LEFT (navigation keys
 after menu or changing volume and channel)
 - Display: VFD, 16 characters
 - Power indicator: LED
 - Pilot signal receiver: sensor
 - Card reader: compliant with ISO 7816 1-3
 - USB 2.0 socket

 Back wall:
 - Satellite antenna input: 2 x type F female
 - Terrestrial antenna input: type IEC 169-2 female
 - Terrestrial antenna output: type IEC 169-2 male
 - Scart sockets: TV
 - HDMI output
 - SPDIF outputs: electrical, optical
 - Analog audio outputs: 2 x RCA
 (left right)
 - Ethernet socket: type RJ45
 - USB 2.0 socket

Zdjęcie real zestawu telewizji na kartę

 - Remote control: 1 pc
 - Batteries: 2 pcs
 - Power supply: 1 pc
 - User manual: 1 item

 Other parameters:
 - Working temperature: +10 to + 40oC
 - Storage temperature:
 -25 to + 70oC
 - Power supply: input voltage 200 to 240 V
 AC; 50 Hz; 0,6A; output voltage:
 12 V; 3.33 A
 - Weight (including power supply and remote control): 1.9kg
 - Dimensions: 235 x 205 x 65 mm
 - Power consumption: max. 40W (during operation)
 less than 0.5W (in standby mode when the terminal
 does not record broadcasts)

 All detailed information is available on the website or NC + helpline

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