H1000 50ohm 2.4 / 5 GHz cable - 10m section

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We bid for a 10-meter-long section

 The H1000 cable ensures less losses in the cable and hence greater and better range. 50 ohm (WIFI standard) The core of the cable is made of copper (wire). The cable shield is a layer of copper foil with a dense braid. The cable is not very flexible.

 Capacity: 80 pF / m
 Impedance: 50 Ohm
 Outer diameter: 10.3 mm
 Dielectric diameter: 7.15 mm
 100MHz attenuation: 3.9 dB / 100m
 500MHz attenuation: 9.6 dB / 100m
 800MHz attenuation: 12.3 dB / 100m
 1GHz attenuation: 13.9 dB / 100m
 2.4GHz attenuation: 23.2 dB / 100m
 5 GHz attenuation: 38.6 dB / 100m

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