Smoke detector Smart Home Ferguson FS1SD


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- Smoke detector detects smoke that is already in the early stages of the fire - enables faster response to emerging threats,

- The device alerts the user with a siren and light simultaneously,

- The sensor has a compact size and modern design,

- The device is mobile and extremely easy to install,

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SD

Smoke detector mounted near the fireplace, central heating stove or stove protects the life of the household member about in the first, initial phase of the fire. In the case of fire, everyone knows that the fight against time is one of the most important issues for the success of firefighting and effective evacuation - the sooner we respond to the threat, the greater the chance that our health and property will not suffer. A smoke detector warns the occupant about w about fire alarm signal em d sound and lighting of the diode. Its characteristic feature is mobility and ease mounting without the need to distribute complicated cable installations.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SD
The carbon monoxide sensor is a stand-alone device, it does NOT require the SmartHome Security Kit to operate, but the Smart Hub FS1SH Control Center is required for remote sensor management.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SD

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SD

Remote control and monitoring is possible thanks to the dedicated application - manage the security of your home from anywhere in the world.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SDSmartHome Ferguson FS1SD

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SD

SmartHome Ferguson FS1SD


Alarm current: <= 60mA
Alarm volume:85dB / 3m
Dimensions:60 * 60 * 49.2mm
Electricity:<= 10µA
Relative humidity:<= 95% RH
Tension:DC3V (CR123A lithium battery)
Working temperature:-10 ° C - + 50 ° C

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