Smart Home Repeater with Ferguson FS1RG gas sensor

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SmartHome Ferguson FS1RG
Why is it worth
- Increases the range and operation of the ZigBee network
- Effectively detects gas leaks
- Slim and luxurious design
- Proven Ferguson brand
The Ferguson Smart Home Repeater gas sensor is an effective protection for the whole family against gas poisoning, which in Poland is still taking its toll too often. The sensor signals when the air pollution in the house or apartment is exceeded with an acoustic signal and a warning diode lighting. An additional feature of this sensor is to extend the range of the ZigBee network - if you have one. It works as a repeater by sending signals to Smart Hub from other sensors so that they can be interpreted correctly and the network user receives reliable information about the entire system.
Repeater zasięgu SmartHome z czujnikiem gazu
It is part of the Ferguson SmartHome system. Can be used alone.
Remote control and monitoring is possible thanks to the dedicated application. Install it on your smartphone or tablet to be able to control the security of your home on an ongoing basis and from anywhere in the world. Do you have children, elderly people or animals in your apartment / house? Keep them safe. With the Chad Smart Home Repeater sensor, you can monitor security in your home on an ongoing basis wherever you are. These are new opportunities of the 21st century that are worth using.

Ferguson Smart Home

Where to put the gas sensor?

- About 1.5 m above the floor in a place where there is the greatest danger of gas leakage,
- The gas sensor must not be covered by any furniture or other object,
- The gas sensor must not be placed in a place with high humidity or ventilation,
- The Smart Home Repeater gas sensor is not suitable for external use
- After installation, make sure that the sound signal from the sensor is clearly heard throughout the home.
Ferguson FS1RG zdjęcia real

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