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Why is it worth

A carbon monoxide sensor protects your home against poisonous carbon monoxide

- Carbon monoxide sensor is necessary in rooms equipped with boilers and heaters

- Its advantage is simple and easy installation and mobility

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu

Chad is still a threat in Polish homes

Chad (carbon monoxide) colloquially known as "quiet zab about jcy ”, he is responsible in Poland for several dozen deaths every year about in . Another several hundred people about b are hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a gas that is colorless and does not emit any smell, so it is difficult to avoid it. If you want to increase your and your family's safety against CO, you should equip your apartment / house with a carbon monoxide detector.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu

The carbon monoxide sensor takes care of the householder's life about w by detecting the rising concentration of carbon monoxide causing lethal intoxication. The detector should be installed in a room with a hearth at a height of about 1.5 m above the floor and not more than 6 m from the potential source about for CO emissions. It is important that the carbon monoxide sensor is not covered by anything, e.g. a piece of furniture. The sensor informs the resident about the growing threat about in the howling siren and an alarm light.

 It is part of the Ferguson SmartHome system. Can be used alone.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu

Carbon monoxide detector - operating principles

The construction of the carbon monoxide sensor is mainly based on an electrochemical cell. JES li st the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air will be higher than the allowable standard, the cell will be oxidized by the electrode. In response to this process, current will flow in the detector circuit, which is synonymous with the sensor switching to alarm state. In the SmartHome Security Ferguson system with a carbon monoxide detector installed, the user is informed about the threat at the same time with a siren howl and a light alarm signal. The system administrator can also see the alarm status on his smartphone, tablet thanks to the SmartHome application - thanks to which we have constant control over the house, even if we are at work, for example.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu

 Remote control and monitoring thanks to a dedicated application

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czaduSmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu

Be on behind What  and control security in your home! Thanks to the dedicated SmartHome application, you can fully support detectors connected to the central hub - you will not only receive information about changes in the detector's operation, but also alarms and other events that about re can occur at home while you are away. You can turn off unwanted alarms remotely, call the appropriate services in the event of a gas leak, call your loved ones or neighbors, etc. This is not to be underestimated, especially if you are out of the home, e.g. children, the elderly or animals.

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu

Alarm sensitivity:

 - 30ppm 120 minutes
 - 50ppm 60-90 minutes
 - 100ppm 10-40 minutes
 - 300ppm 3 minutes

SmartHome Ferguson FS1CO Czujnik czadu


Alarm volume:85dB / 1m
Current consumption in an alarm:≤60mA
Communication:ZigBee HA1.2
Dimensions:54 * 54 * 45 mm
Range: communication: up to 70m
Relative humidity:95% RH max
Statistical current consumption: ≤20uA
Supply voltage:3VDC (1 x CR123A battery)
Working temperature: -10 ° C / +50 ° C

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