Vordon HT-175BT Bluetooth / USB / SD / AUX car radio

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Vordon HT-175BT Radio samochodowe

The headunit has a full-size socket USB  and SD on the front panel. To ensure safety while driving, a module is installed Bluetooth , which allows you to conduct conversations without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. The module supports, among others, the protocol A2DP which allows the transmission of music files from a connected smartphone.

Vordon HT-175BT w opakowaniu producenta
Vordon HT-175BT Radio samochodowe

 The radio has a built-in Bluetooth which allows you to talk while driving a car. The sound from the phone will be heard in the speakers, while the built-in microphone on the radio will allow conversation. You can also play music from your phone wirelessly!

Vordon HT-175BT w zestawie z kablami przyłączeniowymi

Music player

Vordon HT-175BT Radio samochodowe
Vordon HT-175BT Radio z bluetooth

The device has an integrated audio player that allows you to play music from an SD card, USB stick, and works with other devices via a Bluetooth connection.

Vordon HT-175BT MP3 USB SD AUX

Panel przedni z podświetleniem Vordon HT-175BT

 - HT-175BT radio
 - Remote control
 - Manual in Polish
 - Fv or receipt (warranty basis)

Radio samochodowe Vordon HT-175BT zdjęcie real

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