Televes Dinova Boss 144145 UHF antenna

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Televes Dinova Boss Antena UHF
The DIGINOVA BOSS antenna has a minimal impact on the aesthetics of the environment and a modern BOSStech device. The antenna is designed for isolation between the LTE 800 / 4G band (so-called Digital Dividend) and the TV band after dividend. Perfect for historic buildings, balconies and single-family houses.

Televes Dinova Boss Antena UHF

 - Low power consumption.
 - 10-element UHF Yagi antenna, integrated in a single integrated circuit.
 - The casing is made of a material fully resistant to salinity, humidity and other adverse weather conditions (IP = 53).
 - Easy to install, both for vertical and horizontal polarization.
 - BOSStech guarantees the right output level for the received signal.
 - Provides an intermodulation and noise-free spectrum, thanks to the best BER and optimal C / N.

Televes Dinova Boss Antena UHF

User manual  - CLICK HERE

Televes Dinova Boss Antena UHF


Degree of protection:53 IP
Dimensions:318x72x346 mm
Power consumption:for 12 Vdc 32mA for 24Vdc 42mA
Supply voltage:12-24 V.
Wind load:for 800N / m2 69.9N for 1100N / m2 95.7N

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