Fitness bench F6A HC-8058

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You don't always have the option of using the gym

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We will convince you that you need the exercise bench

The gym is the perfect place to exercise, but you don't always have time to get there, you don't always have time, and sometimes there is not enough funds. Or maybe you're close, you don't complain about the lack of funds and you are there regularly? For each of these options  Exercise bench  is a great home purchase. You will increase strength and mass  muscle with equipment, which is a simple device, but you can on it strengthen the abdominal muscles , legs or arms. buying  bench for exercises pay attention to some things as it is  permissible bench load  and what rack for barbells. Is it possible to regulate it in any way and what possibilities it gives to train different parts of the body.

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Workout in the comfort of your own home.

Viewing bench with manually adjustable angle  inclination. It has adjustable  leg hooks  and handles and armrests secured with a sponge. The bench is attached  dumbbell  ( 2 pieces). Whole bench it is made of durable materials, the seat is soft and comfortable and the large bench base ensures stability and safety. This equipment gives many exercise options , especially if we have additional equipment such as . barbell . There are a lot of popular bench exercises.

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 Product features:
 Stable, durable
 Easy folding and storage
 Bench frame made of steel and painted black
 Facilitates abdominal and lower body exercises
 Adjustable backrest angle
 The backrest is made of ecological leather lined with a sponge
 Bench supports secured with non-slip plastic covers
 The maximum weight of the person exercising - 100 kg

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