Drill sharpener 150W Powermat PM-ODW-150

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Impeccably sharpened drills are the basis for efficient drilling

Ostrzałka do wierteł Powermat PM-ODW-150

Do not throw away the drill. Sharpen them!

It's hard to drill  into the wall? Drilled hole looks like after a grenade explosion? Noise as if a hundred times greater? The next drill burst and you can throw them in the pile of previously destroyed? If your answers are mostly nodded, it is time to buy drill sharpeners.  It is through a blunt drill that the effects of your work give you nerves and a headache. You need to take care of drills like any other blade. Only  regular sharpening  will lengthen their life and improve your work. And they are the best for this task electric sharpeners just dedicated to drills. The perfect tool  work for everyone struggling with just such problems

Powermat PM-ODW-150 do ostrzebia wierteł

How to sharpen a drill?

Drill sharpener is an electrical device in which you can set the rotation speed and angle of focus. With it you can  sharpen the drill bits of different sizes . We recommend  Powermat PM-ODW 150 , this sharpener supports all drills with a diameter of 3mm-13mm. And its adapter, for setting the position of the drill relative to the accurately profiled guides for grinding holes, is characterized by a clever swivel clamp that can be unscrewed and tightened. This sharpener is very handy, efficient and durable  and weighs little

Ostrzałka do wierteł Powermat widok mechanizmu

 The Powermat drill sharpener is equipped with:
 - Socket for rotary drill head.
 - Socket for inserting the head and adjusting the appropriate grinding position.
 - Socket (side grinding hole) with a designated torque for the head for precise sharpening of the two sides of the drill bit.
 - Socket (upper grinding hole) with a designated torque for the head to precisely align the drill chisel on both sides.
 - Container for metal and dust filings
 - Rubber covers covering the grinding holes.

Ostrzałka do wierteł PM-ODW-150 widok z tyłu

 Power-230V / 50Hz
 Max RPM - 4800rpn
 Drill diameters 3-13mm

Ostrzałka do wierteł Powermat widok ogólny

Start comfortable drilling

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