Vacuum welding machine TVS-2013B white. Packing machine + bags

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Vacuum welding machine Fresh World model TVS-2013 is designed for vacuum packing, which has a positive effect during food storage. During vacuum packing, air is pumped out of the packaging, which significantly delays the oxidation of food. Food packed in such a way retains its nutritional properties, taste, aroma and, above all, freshness up to 5 times longer. In addition, food stored in vacuum bags is not susceptible to the penetration of odors and flavors from the environment.

Zgrzewarka próżniowa Fresh World TVS-2013B plus worki

 The welding machine operation is extremely simple and intuitive, the device has three buttons enabling easy operation of the device. The maximum welding width is 30 cm.

Pakowarka próżniowa Fresh World TVS-2013B

 Welded function:
 - allows bags to be sealed without creating a vacuum in them.

 Welding function with vacuum suction:
 - first sucks air from the bag, then hermetically seals the bag.

Opakowanie zgrzewarki Fresh World TVS-2013B

 The device is made of food-neutral ABS plastic and has rubberized feet thanks to which the welding machine stands firmly. Apart from using a vacuum sealer for food products, nothing prevents you from packing items such as electronics. In addition, the set includes: 5 pieces of ready-made bags 30 x 28 cm 5 pieces of ready-made bags 40 x 22 cm

Próżniowe pakowanie żywności Fresh World TVS-2013B

 Below is a photo of the real set:

Fresh World TVS-2013B zdjęcie real zestawu zgrzewarki próż


Power:welding 110W, suction 15W
Power cord:1,2m
Power: 230V ~ 50Hz
Suction pressure:75kPa
Welding width:30cm
Weight:1.3kg (with battery)

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