Plaster PM-DG-1400 gypsum, finishing, plaster grinding machine

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With the right tool, every job becomes simple

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400

We choose the best plaster sander

When it's time to smooth the walls,  sanding plaster , it is the exhausting vision that spins our eyes polishing with sandpaper  piece by piece every inch of the wall. And then that awful dust getting into every nook and cranny. And the cleaning after a few hours. And you can avoid all this by buying professional equipment for grinding plaster and plaster . AND the best grinders  are the ones they provide dust-free sanding . The work goes fast and there is no bothersome dusting around us. Powermat  has such grinders that will satisfy every professional. For example, a grinder like this, gypsum grinder , smoothing and plastering Powermat PM-DG-1400.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400
Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400

What features should a good smoothing and plastering machine have?

Viewing Powermat dustless grinder  PM-DG-1400. This device is intended for sanding plasters  and gypsum finish. With a short handle and an additional handle, it provides a secure grip and precise operation of the tool. The 1400W motor is a solid construction where the drive is directly transmitted through the transmission without the use of drive cables. The engine speed control function, on the other hand, is the adjustment of the disc rotation speed to the requirements of the material to be ground and the smooth start system is a smooth start for the grinder. Dust extraction system  is adapted to work with an industrial vacuum cleaner. A dust collecting bag and a hose to connect the vacuum cleaner are included.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400

 The Powermat PM-DG-1400 grinder stands out control of dust suction power . Holed sandpaper is dedicated to this device, which is a much better way to remove dust than edge removal. Part of the blade guard can be denied, which makes it much easier corner grinding.

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400

 dust bag
 spare carbon brushes
 Allen key
 abrasive paper set 6 pieces (2x 150 / 2x 180 / 2x 240)

Szlifierka do gipsu Powermat PM-DG-1400

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