BLUETOOTH BLOW 74-201 remote control for smartphone on the steering wheel

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Pilot BLUETOOTH na kierownicę

Do you already have a smartphone remote control?

Mobile phone  it is one of the inseparable elements of our life. We are no longer surprised by such a wide range of mobile devices, but also accessories that surprise us more with originality and functionality. This little gadget is extremely useful when driving a car. Talking on the phone  while driving is an offense and you are in for a ticket, but not only that should stop us from getting distracted by the wheel. Your own and other people's safety is the most important thing, and all activities that distract us from observing the road are a potential threat. Every look and maneuvering hand on the radio or even enable music on the phone  is distraction of our attention.

Pilot BLUETOOTH na kierownicę

A great gift for every driver - Pilot BLUETOOTH BLOW 74-201

Not for nothing there are more and more cars in which function keys  for the radio are on the steering wheel, it's not only convenience, but also greater security. We don't have to reach out, lean toward the radio or blindfold the button. And this one telephone remote control , which we present here today, is the freedom to manage multimedia on our phone. We can attach it to the steering wheel and we have phone control  at hand. Play, rewind and broaden without maneuvering the phone. Range up to 10 meters, so the phone can even lie in the back seat or tucked in a purse.

Pilot BLUETOOTH na kierownicę

 Set contains:
 - Bluetooth remote control
 - handlebar grip
 - pendant
 - fastening tape
 - CR2016 battery (in the remote control)
 - instruction with a warranty card
 - fv or receipt

Pilot BLUETOOTH na kierownicę

 - Apple iOS devices supporting Bluetooth 3.0 and above
 - devices with Android 4.0 or later


Dimensions: Ø36 x 8mm
Power:CR2016 battery
Range:up to 10m

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